Gemstone City UK Privately buys Gold Bullion and Gold Dust in various forms for investment purpose; we also show interest in outdated Hallmarked Gold Bullion and Hallmarked Gold Bullion.

All the gold supplied by Gemstone City UK are sourced from LBMA approved refiners – the purest gold from approved refiners. Guaranteed.

If you’re just beginning to enter the precious metals market or you’re someone who already knows their way around, you can take advantage of our expertise.

Bullion Ownership:
As we live in an economy that is moving out of recession. Economies are becoming more volatile and fragile and Inflation are increasing globally; Banks are beginning to fail and default, most European Economies are finding it difficult to service their debt as cash based financial packages starts to unravel. It is high time for individual to take personal responsibility for own wealth management by the use of private gold ownership as that is a way not only to survive but to thrive in any erratic economic situation

Bullion is seen as the hedge against inflation. Bullion is used by wise investors as a safe haven for their wealth against virtually every economic, political, social & currency based crisis. Gold has always been recognised as the reserve and is widely regarded as international currency.

Gemstone City UK now provides direct, instant access to the Precious Metals Markets, through our In House Precious Metals Trading Platform. Clients simply open an account with us, fund their metals account and request an order. It is as simple as a couple of mouse clicks and you have purchased, stored and insured your new asset.

Using the latest innovative technology, our Platform eliminates a number of structural inefficiencies within the precious metals markets, delivering our clients a seamless, secure and safe process to purchase, store and insure their precious metals. All done with just a couple of mouse clicks. It is one simple transaction.

Your trades are executed directly via our In House Precious Metals Platform, to our international dealer, bullion banks and refinery network. Price competition is the driving force behind this new, cutting edge process.

Your order is submitted to one of the largest global gold markets, where institutional buyers and sellers meet, international banks, hedge and mutual funds, dealers, and wholesales who then bid against each other for your business.

This ensures our clients get the best possible price. A broker cannot offer such Strategic Advantage. It levels the playing field and puts the purchasing power in the hands of the buyer or seller of their metals. No other system provides this unique form of precious metals trading.

The bottom line is we eliminate the hassles, risk, and uncertainty you experience when buying, storing, or selling precious metals.

Customers have a choice of six locations around the globe.

Zürich (ViaMat)
London (ViaMat)
Singapore (Malca Amit)
Melbourne (Brinks)
Salt Lake City (Brinks)